Jenny Bennett

Being told you have an incurable disease at the age of 15 would not only be confusing, but also terrifying. Diagnosed in 1973, Jenny was in Year 10 when her symptoms could no longer be ignored. The regular muscle spasms, lack of balance and numbness made it hard to live the active life of a regular teenager, so her mother insisted she see her GP.

Jenny was immediately referred to a Neurologist but before she was able to see the specialist, experienced a severe episode which left her entire body completely paralysed and she went blind in both eyes; she was horrified.Jenny spent the next three months in hospital, going through numerous tests to determine the cause of her symptoms; you see, back in the 70’s – there was no such thing as an MRI.

Instead, Jenny endured three lumbar punctures before being diagnosed with MS. At the young age of 15, she was confused, scared and could not fathom what effect that would have on the rest of her life.

Then when Jenny was 19 years old, she met Charlie and they’ve been together ever since!

“Charlie married me knowing I had this disease and the challenges it would bring. He carries me when I can’t walk, he keeps me company whilst in hospital and stands by me in everything I do”.

Jenny, living with MS for 45 years with husband Charlie

Jenny has mobility issues, needing to use a walker whilst in the house and a motorised scooter outdoors; ever playful, she mentioned she often ‘leaves Charlie for dead!’ when putting the pedal to the metal on the scooter.

Watch this video and listen to Charlie and Jenny as they explain what life with MS is like for them.


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