Naomi – Living with MS for 9 Years

Meet Naomi, who was diagnosed with MS in 2011 shortly after her 21st birthday. Naomi and her family are joining us for their second MS Moonlight Walk.

Naomi first experienced symptoms of MS a year before her diagnosis. These symptoms included complete numbness in her right leg, from the top of her thigh to the tips of her toes.

After visiting her doctor, Naomi was referred for an MRI, which showed lesions on her spinal cord and brain, confirming the diagnosis.

“When I received the final diagnosis, I was determined not to let it rule my life. I continued to live the same lifestyle that I had lived previously.”

Naomi only started talking to people about her diagnosis three years ago, as she initially didn’t want their sympathy or sadness. She wanted to defeat the disease on her own.
Now that she is older, Naomi wants to inspire others and spread awareness about this invisible disease.

“MS Queensland has helped me through the use of a psychologist. Making the decision to go part-time at work was a difficult decision for me as I love my job and I love working. I felt that this was the disease having victory over me, so I needed some emotional support.

Without MS Queensland’s support, I think people with the disease would feel alone. I know that I have benefited from their support and I know that I will in the future.”

This will be Naomi’s second year taking part in the MS Moonlight Walk. If you see Naomi and the ‘Don’t MS with the Best’ team, give them a big smile and wave!

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