$ raised to ensure no-one faces MS alone! Our goal is $600,000

Corporate Teams

Teams_PhotosParticipating as a Corporate Team in the MS Moonlight Walk is an effortless way to:

  • Encourage team-building
  • Promote the health & well-being of employees
  • Raise corporate visibility in the community
  • Make a difference in the fight against MS!
  • Compete against other corporates



Ask your organisation for support

Your employer or a local business owner might be happy to support you by providing sponsorship or encouraging their employees to get involved. Many workplaces and organisations are more than happy to support a good cause, so all you need to do is ask!

Talk to HR or your employer and organise an appointment to present the opportunity for your organisation to support the company team.

They can support you in a number of ways:

  • Payment of entry fees for the event. We can set up a Team Payment Code for you and invoice your organisation after the team has registered.
  • Provide company branded merchandise
  • Matched funding or a company donation towards the teams fundraising. (We can provide an invoice if required).
  • Opportunity to hold a fundraising morning tea, crazy dress day

Benefits to the organisation

There are many benefits to the organisation in sponsoring you or your team in the MS Moonlight Walk.

  • Showing they value and appreciate their employees.
  • Publicity and promotion if you wear the company’s t-shirt, hat or other branded merchandise.
  • Company name and logo appearing on the team webpage.
  • A possible feature item with photos on next year’s website.