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Why are you walking?

Help celebrate the 2023 MS Moonlight Walk by sharing why you are walking. Your message will be pinned below on the virtual Tribute Wall.

This event is more than a fundraiser. It is an opportunity for those affected by MS to come together and show their support. Every year I am overwhelmed by the amount of people there and the sense of community.”

- Paula, living with MS since 2015

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Tribute Wall


I'm walking to raise awareness and funds for people like me, my sister and cousin who all live with Multiple Sclerosis.

Tiffany Davis-Hancocl

I am walking for my husband. He was diagnosed when he was 18 but he has never let having MS define who is he or what he can accomplish. When he came to me and said "I want to walk the full 10km", I was all in because he was incredibly excited about being able to walk so many km after years of not being able to.

Barbara cawe

This year the MS MOONLIGHT WALK 2022 will be a little different for me. My very dear friend WENDY LOVELACE who had MS and who i have been walking with and fundraising with for the past 7 years left us this year in April to go to a better place. R.I.P. my dear friend you are sadly missed.

Because the MS community is absolutely beautiful and keeps me going!

To support an amazing cause!

Lisa Hughes

What a fun event for all to enjoy, we are so excited to show our support and challenge ourselves by doing the 10km walk. MS Qld have done a brilliant job in bringing this all together. See everyone on the 15th Lisa, living with MS since 1993

Lindsey Davies

I was diagnosed with MS in January 2001. 20 years later I am still beating MS after having no issues since September 2003. Glad I can still walk 10km easily and raise money for this great cause!

Angie Lewis

I am walking because I still can. Being diagnosed is a heck of a journey!! 8 years on I think I’m ready to leave the denial behind, join the community and raise some much needed funds for research while I’m at it. Bless you all x

Cassandra Hagel

Keep walking in the moonlight for all of us with PPMS.

Amir Kasa

I got diagnosed 5 months ago and it has been the most difficult thing I’ve ever had to go through. I am walking to show both strength and resilience in the face of adversity and for everyone going through what I am going through

Trish - Mother of a beautiful daughter who has MS

It means the chance to fund-raise for a very worthy cause. We come from Cairns every year for the walk, and it is wonderful to see so many happy, smiling faces carrying their WHITE lanterns.

My participation is to take time to be with my family (5 of us are walking) and to be grateful for all we have. In memory of my beautiful, strong baby brother BRETT. xxx

Alex F

I was diagnosed as being at 'high risk' of having MS after 4 lesions were found in my brain and brain stem in August 2015. Luckily I have not gotten any more lesions since then. My neurologist thinks I have a benign case. The diagnosis really scared me and now I want to help raise money to support people who have MS.

I wish to commemorate my great aunty, Anna. She suffered from MS in the 60's and 70's and I wish to learn more about her.

Robyn H

I am walking to support my best friend since high school. We've shared a lot in 30 years and MS will not slow us down nor stop our fun together making memories!

Trev & Sal

Our daughter Kat as diagnosed with MS in 2016. She is now 34 years old and each scan reveals a few more lesions. Please find a cure someday - we live in hope.

The walk means to me that my daughter Melissa, will get the support she needs when the time comes that family is unable to provide it. or it's support that we can't give, e.g. physio, medical advice, etc.

Kate Russo

Remembering my friend Cara - always smiling, an inspiration to all. xxx

Lauren Kavanagh

My mum was diagnosed with MS in 2003 and since then the walk has been a very special event for us. Sadly, we lost Mum in 2019 so now we walk in memory of her.

I love this cause and we are thankful they are there to support us in our daily journey that is tougher than most.

Barbara Cawe

I have been walking the Moonlight Walk for the past six years in support with my very special friend Wend Lovelace who has MS. i am one of the little people who get out there every year and do my bit and MS are very appreciated. So While you are reading this, think about joining the walk as no matter how large or small your donation or the money you raise at the end it, it all adds into the total. See you at the walk


For Michelle and Sara.

Clark Taylor

This is my 6th Moonlight Walk. It is such a feel good event. I get hugs every year from fantastic fundraisers. Love it. Please, just for this COVID year, no hugs :(


It is amazing to see so many people come together to do their bit to fight MS. Seeing everyone with smiles on their faces, in their quirky costumes or proudly representing their teams makes this a very special event to be a part of!

Charlie Bennett

i am doing this because i hate this a$#e of a disease...MS QLD needs help to help people like my little Ferret fight this thing...


This event is more than a fundraiser. It is an opportunity for those affected by MS to come together and show their support. Every year I am overwhelmed by the amount of people there and the sense of community.


The MS Moonlight Walk gives me the chance to help other people living with MS and their families, who are a huge support. I have had MS for almost 20 years and I am doing so well, so if I can help other people living with MS then I will use every chance I can. I am excited to start the fundraising, I have so many ideas and I cannot wait for the 2021 MS Moonlight walk to be launched so I can get started!

Wendy Lovelace

I love the Moonlight Walk. It is my favourite event of the year. What could be better than an evening walk along the river’s edge shared with friends. The joy of a shared event gives me goose bumps and we often see people where the MS Moonlight Walk is their first public appearance acknowledging and sharing their MS journey with family, friends and colleagues. It’s an extraordinary and inclusive event.


I have been walking in the MS Moonlight Walk with my close friend Wendy for about 7 years - we have been friends with for over 20 years! I am so proud of my beautiful friend Wendy, she is a such determined person and nothing gets in her way.


This will be my sixth MS Moonlight Walk. It is my FAVOURITE MS Queensland event! It is such a special evening, being part of the community and vibe. I look forward to once again seeing the sea of lanterns head off from the start arch.


I'm looking forward to registering and gathering my tribe, supporting the cause & spreading awareness - not just for me but for others living with MS!


This event is more than a fundraiser. It is an opportunity for those affected by MS to come together and show their support. Every year I am overwhelmed by the amount of people there and the sense of community.