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Meet People With MS



Jenny Bennett

Living with MS for 44 years.

Diagnosed in 1973, Jenny was in Year 10 when her symptoms could no longer be ignored.

The regular muscle spasms, lack of balance and numbness made it hard to live the active life of a regular teenager, so her mother insisted she see her GP. 



Scott Manix

Living with MS for 4 years

On receiving the news from my doctor, a rush of many emotions flooded my mind.

When I looked over to see my beautiful wife and the tears in her eyes it was there and then I decided I was not going down without a massive fight.


       mark elvery

Mark Elvery

Living with MS for 24 years

I don’t resent MS. After I was diagnosed, someone told me "Don’t give in. Keep doing as much as you can for as long as you can." And I have.






Living with MS for 17 years

I used to be a fit, career-driven research scientist who didn’t have time for sickness... I was going to be a lecturer and have a little family of my own.

Little did I know that a small loss of coordination and some numbness in my feet would change all that...





Judy and bruce landing

Walking for Bruce

When Bruce found out he had MS, he said, ‘Why me? What's going to happen to me, Mum?’ I didn’t know what to answer. I had no idea that six months later he would be completely bedridden. That's how quickly it took hold of him.

Bruce 2 Bruce 3